Long time member Ron Yingling passed from us at 1 AM Tuesday morning. There will be a memorial service on Friday (August 5th, 2011) at the funeral home in Lilly PA. There is no viewing. Obituary

For those of you who may have not known or shot with Ron, He was one of a kind. Ron taught me some things at the range; one I'm most thankful for is the ability to get on paper after changing a scope or load the night before the match. Those who knew Ron know what I'm talking about.

He never rose to the level of a high master shooter, but his dedication to our range and high power shooting has not been matched by any I know of.

What most may not know is that Ron was instrumental in the construction of the new range. Back in 2003 he handed me a business card, telling me to contact this guy, he is a shooter, and will build the new range for us. Well he was right, we now have the finest range in the state and it was built at a cost far less than any would have imagined.

There was never a time he was at a match he wouldn't pitch in and help even if it meant running the radio, which made the day a challenge. Ron was very hard of hearing. I still miss his help.

I watched Ron's progression over the years as age and poor health slowly moved in. Service rifle, match rifle, prone high power, F-class, and then happy to make it to the range to watch. The last time I saw him at the range he fell and skinned his nose then had to be helped to his feet. I felt so bad for him. But I knew he just wanted to be at the place he loved, smelling the burnt gun power, remembering how it felt to be there on the firing line.

I think we should hold a match in Ron's honor some day. Nothing special, just bring what ever ammo you have lying around, it doesn't even have to match. Better yet, let's shoot the whole match with tracers!

Ron truly was one of a kind I will miss him.

With a sad heart,

Tom Ferraro