The quality of the competition at Reade Range is evident when you look at the results from Camp Perry.  We were well represented this year.  In addition to Jeremy Castle getting his final leg points and becoming a distinguished shooter, I have found the following results from CMP and NRA weeks.  If I have missed anything notable, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do an update.

CMP President's 100:

George Morgan (5th) - George also topped the seniors
Bill Bowers (8th)
Jeremy Castle (32nd)
Garey Diefenderfer (42nd)


CMP Infantry Leatherneck Trophy (Civilian)  went to the PRPA team consisting of:

Team Captain Dave Shellhammer
Team Coach George Morgan
Mike Bottiger
Mike Harpster
Ron Smith
Bill Gelet
Mike Mohney
Pierre LeClair


NRA M1A Match: Bill Bowers finished 1st and Jeremy Castle 3rd

JCastleNRA Enlisted Men's Trophy Team Match saw the Dave Kerin coached All Guard Team finish top High Master

The following shooters on the PRPA team coached by Bill Gelet finished 1st in the NRA Rumbold Trophy Team Match.

Allen Castle
Bill Bowers
Jeremy Castle.
Dave Shellhammer

Dave Kerin won the NRA Coast Guard Trophy, shooting 200-18x rapid fire sitting.

Randy Ent finished 22nd in the CMP Games M1 match