Reade Range Junior High Power Team Formed

March 25, 2012


A group of Pennsylvania Junior High Power Shooters and the Parent/Adult Sponsors have formed a junior high power team sponsored by Reade Range. The group is called the “Reade Junior High Power Team”. The Team’s mission is to shoot Service Rifle competitions at Reade and other match locations with a main focus toward participating in the CMP National Service Rifle Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio. The community of high power shooters of Reade Range will be assisting the Junior Team Shooters with their wealth of knowledge on correct shooting techniques such as position, trigger pull, wind doping, etc. The Team Officers and the Parent/Adult Sponsors are pleased with the relationship that Reade Range, The Western Pennsylvania Caliber .30 League is extending and providing for these Pennsylvania Junior Shooters. We hope that this new Team will be successful in all of its competitions both as individual shooters and team events. The list of Team Officers and Team Contact Information follows. Interested Junior Shooters with their Parent/Adult Sponsor should contact the Team Secretary.


Curt Horomanski - Director

Scott Thomas - Coordinator

Mike Werner - Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. H 724-327-4188 C 724-757-6994

Chuck Durney - Treasurer