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Reade Range and Western Pa.30 cal League have scheduled the 1ST ever Pa.State Championship for the M1, 1903 Springfield & vintage military rifle match September 7, 2013. This match has been sanctioned, encouraged,and recognized as long overdue by the Pa. Rifle & Pistol Association.

We will be following the CMP format and rules for these rifles. Each rifle will have its own championship, but the winner of the 3 gun aggregate will be the PA State Champion.

For those who have never competed at Camp Perry for the National matches, this is your chance to do a similar event at the state level.

Each rifle type will be a 30 round match with an additional 5 sighting shoots, 10rds prone slow fire, 10 rds rapid from standing to prone with magazine change, 2 or 5rd loaded on empty chamber, and 10 rds standing-off hand, per rifle as per CMP rules at 200 yards. Rifles will be examined and triggers weighed prior to the match,and must be as-issued according to CMP rules. Information can be obtained at and Civilian Marksmanship Program rules can be found at

Pre-registration is necessary ,so don't delay. Please note [those who may be travelling and wish to stay overnight] should make those reservations now [as there may be a Penn State Home game that weekend and rooms may be sparse at last moment]

We are planning an EIC match on Sept 8 for those wanting a full weekend of shooting. Here is an opportunity to shoot these fine historic rifles that saved this country with a bunch of shooters who enjoy them. These rifles are hard kicking, without match triggers and sights and just fun to shoot. Although they may not be as appealing and nor as accurate as AR-15 type rifles at longer distances, the game still comes down to who can do the 10's and X's.

There will be a regular league M1Garand/Springfield match June 15th if you want to get some trigger time in a low-pressure environment.