OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, not just team members. Usually start at 0900

Charlie Fulmer will be team captain of the senior team this year due to NRA/CMP scheduling. I will be at the practice to help organize and help. Instead of having a zeroing session like we usually do for rattle battle I plan to zero at 600 and then have an individual match using a fire plan that is close to what we use at Perry. This should be easy to do since the uppers and scopes we will use are all identical. Once zeroed at 600 it's a simple adjustment to #5, #3, #2 marks on the scopes. The 6 shooters firing the rattle battle should come to the practice so you can zero the upper you will use.

The course of fire will be:                                                    

600 yards  1 mag 12 rounds and 1 mag 11 rounds fired on two targets

500 yards  2 mags with 15 rounds each fired on two targets

300 yards  1 mag with 6 rounds fired on one target

200 yards  1 round carried in your pocket

Total of 60 rounds needed + sighters

You will have to bring the 5 mags you will use in the match.

I have approximately  400 rounds loaded. I don't think this will be enough. Please load some extra ammo you can use in case zeroing takes more than we have. 24.0 grains of Reloader 15 with a 77 grain Nosler or Sierra at magazine length will duplicate our match ammo.

Charlie's phone # is 570.233.0152

As usual the junior team will be there. I'm not sure what their plans are but they're usually glad to have our help.

Dave Shellhammer