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National Competition Pictures

Reade Range Shooters at the 2010 President's 100 Shoot-off

Tom Rider after his 2009 Leech cup win.

A few pictures from Tom Rider's 2009 President's 100 Shootoff

Bill Gelet, Ron Smith, Jim Potter, Tom Rider, Mike Mohney, Mike LaRuffa, Mark Heff, Dave Little

2007 Infantry Trophy (Rattle Battle) PR&PA Participants
They won the Leatherneck Trophy (High Civilian)  with a score of 1158
(Photo courtesy Bill Gordon, Photomaker, Port Clinton, OH)

Dave Little, Mark Heff, Mike LaRuffa, Tom Rider, Bill Bowers, Jim Potter, Ron Smith, Bill Gelet

2007 National Trophy Rifle Team PR&PA Participants
They won the Soldier of Marathon Trophy (High Civilian)  with a score of 2908 - 81
(Photo courtesy Bill Gordon, Photomaker, Port Clinton, OH)

Rider 2007 Pres

Tom Rider's 2007 President's Rifle Trophy
Shoot-off Effort

PA 6 man team

2006 Camp Perry High Civilian Team,
 National Trophy Rifle Team Match
Dave Little, Mike LaRuffa, Tom Rider, Jim Potter, Mike Mohney, Mike Harpster, Ron Smith, Bill Gelet

2005 6 person team