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Membership Information:


Members are responsible for knowing and abiding by all rules.


  • The league is not responsible for any accidents or thefts which occur on league property
  • Shooters must verify pits are either sealed or empty, and all lines clear before shooting
  • Use of armor piercing ammunition is forbidden on league property
  • Use of 50 BMG — or cartridge of equivalent size — is forbidden on league property
  • Use of empty chamber indicators is required for all scheduled events
  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted prior to or during range use
  • Membership cards must be shown upon request
  • Use of eye and ear protection is required in all risk areas
  • Club members are responsible for the actions of their guests
  • Children on league property must be under direct adult supervision
  • All targets must be placed in target carriers or in impact area. Do not shoot at rocks.  Shooters are responsible for their rounds, all must end up in the impact area
  • Do not litter or destroy league property
  • Verify gate is locked upon leaving
  • The range is to be used for shooting during daylight hours only. 
Here is the Application. Mailing address is on the application.