The 2010 Reade Range Benchrest League shooting season ended with our first PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Championship. What a great weekend with some really great groups and scores being shot. Congratulations to all those who won prizes (list below) and thank you for attending.The scores & groups for this match were used for our match 9 & 10 scores & groups.


Results and pictures will be posted soon. We had a great shooting season with over 60 shooters competing at our range.

  • Bruce Conzo shot the high score of the year - 100 - 5.947" group
  • Mike Bonchack shot the small group of the year - 4.537"
  • Tom Murtiff once again dominated the group aggregates, winning the 6 match aggregate with an impressive 6.55" and a 10 match aggregate of 7.775"
  • Dianne Hoover won the 6 match score aggregate with a 96.666 and
  • John Hoover won the 10 match score aggregate with a 93.5.

We'll be finalizing the 2011 shooting schedule soon. Hope you all have a great winter and we look forward to seeing you at the range in the spring.